LowPoly Archer 3D Model

Today I finally got my first non-static, actually humanoid character done.

How playercolors and the toon shader look on archers. (Note that the eyes made it in after I took this screenshot)

It was a lot of work modeling and texturing it, but I think the result turned out pretty well. Next time I’ll definitely get it done faster.
I used www.mixamo.com to make the rig (I definitely recommend checking it out, they have a big library of free animations). This turned out surprisingly well for an automatic rig, I only had to adjust the fingers and the equipment like the bow and quiver to look convincingly. Now we can make it do anything!
Still left to do: set his bow and arrows up to work with shooting animations and put them ingame. Soon I’ll post a video/gif of it in action fighting!

Until then you’ll have to do with this dancing animation:


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