Only One Shot

Only one shot is a jam game I made in about 3-4 days as a school project. The theme of the jam was “Only one ____”, so my game revolves around the player only having one energy bullet, that he can shoot away and then pull back in or force away, sort of like changing the polarity of a magnet or deactivating it. To stick a bit more to the theme, the enemies die in one hit too, though the player can take a few hits for balance reasons.
It features 2 types of enemies and multiple behaviors for them. My favorite part about it is the internal script I wrote to make new levels that play after each other easily. What I would have liked to also include in it was a boss and a progress bar to see how far you are through the game, but that sadly didn’t make it in, in time.

As always, everything except for the audio and engine is done by me and you can find the music credits in the video.