On this site you can find information about – and links to some of my favorite projects.
For more projects and things to download go to the download page.

Kingdoms and Alliances

Kingdoms and Alliances is my newest project and it is pretty ambitious. When it’s done it will be a Multiplayer RTS with VR support.
You can find more material on it here.

Only One Shot

Only one shot is a game I made for a jam type of exercise at my school. As you could probably have guessed, it’s a sidescroller space shooter type of game.


Sokoban is a pretty well known puzzle game. My implementation of it can save and load games, load games and worlds from text files and has a few other features. It was written in Java with Swing for the Interface and came with a few other simulations, maybe I can still find my files for it somewhere.

VR Collaboration

A virtual reality productivity project I am working on with a student colleague of mine.

Youtube Channel

I maintain a small youtube channel that I mostly use to upload whatever I want, I am not really trying to get a lot of subscribers. It is also pretty intertwined with private stuff.
Follow this link to go there.

There are a lot of projects I did in school which I don’t necessarily have a lot of videos or downloadable material for. I do have a few of the papers I wrote for school if there is any interest in that, that I might upload at some point.