Kingdoms and Alliances

Kingdoms and alliances is my take on a new casual RTS game that is inspired by warcraft 3 and different mods.
A lot of the time people say they would like strategy games, but they can’t compete or don’t want to deal with the stress that modern strategy games require from their players if they want to stay competitive.
The idea is to throw multiple people into a Free For All (or as people would call it today – Battle Royale) style game. There they can choose where to build and have to expand to win the game in one of multiple victory conditions. The twist is that players can ally each other and share the rewards of victory, or betray each other (with slight consequences) and take the victory for themself. Since there will be no fog of war, players will know what’s going on on the map.
This was a critical point, as in some games of this type you only build up your economy and don’t see anything happening until the end of the game when you send out a big army and the game is quickly over, plus you can chat about what’s going on for others.
As players will naturally know who is strong and close to victory, they will try to team up to defeat the player close to victory to give themself more time to win the game.
All of this creates a lot of interesting social gameplay, where it is not only about who can press buttons the fastest, but also politics and strategy in a mafia/town of salem – esque world.

A few models I made for the game and how they look next to each other, displayed with different playercolors.

The main panel of the ingame menu, animated to give a lifely feel to the player.

A part of the ingame screen (it’s a bit cut down, the buttons on the bottom are centered in the game) showing mainly a part of placing walls as blueprints on the left side, and snapping to towers as marked with the red arrow.

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